A Question about Micro-mouse robot in RYA2013


Cố Vấn CLB
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Dear PIFers,
We have received a question about Micro-mouse robot project on Raise Your ARM facebook since Jan.8, plz view below quoted text:

I am from Poland and i build my first robot - micromouse
I am writing a source code and i found your progam onhttps://github.com/RaiseYourArm/MicroMouse_RYA2013

i have a question, because I don't know, how this works.
I need variable Direction, because this is argument in the function and this is in date Maze.h.
I understand that in this enum is
D_UP, D_RIGHT but i don't know where is the variable Direction?
this is very important, D_UP = 0, D_RIGHT = 1 ...
I don't see function, that returns the value of Direction

sorry for my english
  • please help
    Best Regrads

  • MicroMouse_RYA2013
    MicroMouse_RYA2013 - Raise Your Arm 2013 Sources Code
Please help our friend, thanks.

P.s. Happy lunar new year :1cool_byebye: and wish you a year filled with bricks :brick: